Employee Resource Groups

Stay Connected
  • Establish a social medial presence.
  • Organize a series of local meetings.
  • Create safe ways to communicate.
Cultural Awareness
  • Participate in local LGBT+ events.
  • Conduct awareness events.
  • Create educational materials.
Gain Commitment
  • Have regular leadership calls.
  • Conduct training for Managers.
  • Volunteer for charitable events.
Cross Cultural Connections (C3)
Hiring, Retentions and Promos
  • Develop ad retain associates of African origin.
Giving Back to the Community
  • Mentor, network, and give back to local and national organizations that develops our communities.
Education and Awareness
  • Develop and engage in recruitment programs that provide a channel for talented people of African origin to join the GameStop family.
Cultural Awareness / Community Impact.
  • Charitable / volunteer involvement locally-"know the community you are supposed to mirror".
  • Promote Hispanic culture awareness.
Personal & Professional Impact
  • Leadership development / Mentoring.
  • Recruit and retain talent.
Field/Customer Impact
  • Educate field leaders on the "why".
  • Create tool leaders can leverage locally.
  • Enhance customer experience in relevant markets.
  • Company initiatives/best practices that support GameStop's Veterans.
  • Partner with transitions resources, both private and military for recruitment.
  • Teach current GameStop leadership to better understand military skills and how they relate.
  • Provide mentoring support to newly hired Veterans with GameStop's unique culture.
Women's Leadership Council (WLC)
Be the Voice
  • Activity participate and share why diversity and inclusion are important and how it improves the guest experience.
Hire, Develop, Retain and Promote
  • Create and engage in recruiting programs that provide a channel for talented women to join and grow with the GameStop family.
  • Build leadership capabilities in our members through a variety of learning opportunities and experiences to advance our businesses.
Build Relationships
  • Network, mentor and build cross-functional connections.
Community Involvement
  • Partner with GameStop giving partners, local charities, schools and professional associations throughout the years for associates to get involved and give back to our communities.
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If accommodations are needed in expressing interest in job opportunities, please email TalentAcquisition@GameStop.com or contact 817-722-7779.
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